The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation, in partnership with the Crown Research Institute, Plant & Food Research and their Lifestyle Foods for Energy Balance programme has developed a comprehensive, scientifically based food classification and labelling system which provides information on:

  • How much energy is in a particular food – energy density
  • When is it appropriate to eat that food – relative glycaemic impact
  • How much of the food is appropriate to eat - serving size

Visit www.emark.co.nz to find out how a food fits into a day’s eating or daily eating plan.

As a guide to healthy eating, the eMark is based on the New Zealand Ministry of Health Food & Nutrition Guidelines and Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand. While this new label from the Foundation adds to the many different schemes in use, it overcomes issues inherent in many other schemes.
Its benefits include:

  • A focus on the key issues of energy density and serving sizes.
  • It is based on food rather than nutrients.
  • It can be applied to all foods, thus avoiding ‘good food’ ‘bad food’ connotations.
  • It can assist consumers with food purchasing choices as part of an overall eating plan.












Page reviewed February 2013