Code of ethics

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s code of ethics and guidelines for best business practice ensure protection of its charitable, independent and professional status.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation:

  • Is financially accountable
  • Is true to its mission
  • Establishes and fosters a network of work-related partnerships
  • Maintains its independence
  • Bases recommendations on sound scientific evidence.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation:

  • Works with the food industry and other organisations to provide scientific nutrition information, advice and comment, to assist them to provide food products and consumer information which support the New Zealand Ministry of Health's Food and Nutrition Guidelines (FNG).
  • Encourages and supports food industry-initiated innovations to improve the nutrition and energy composition of their food products.
  • Allows the food industry to acknowledge the Foundation as a source of specialised advice or specific data.
  • Uses its logo on information and materials supporting a sponsored scientific meeting or educational activity, and to support another NGOs, the Government or other organisations undertaking services for public good.
  • Charges and receives financial compensation for the relevant costs of providing specialised services.

We will not:

  • Label, identify or promote as ‘bad’ any food consistent with and approved by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and which meets the FNG.
  • Use a New Zealand Nutrition Foundation logo or any Foundation information on material related to food product or information that may be interpreted as endorsement of a specific branded product.

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation’s complete Code of Ethics is available using the link below. For more information contact