Thank you to all who entered the JUST COOK Challenge. We are really impressed with all the creativity, time and effort put into your meal.  Congratulations to all the category winners.

Individual winners

Eggs winner: Arabella Layton
Recipe: Bella’s Delicious Crustless Corn Quiche
Sanitarium winner: Brooke Moore
Recipe: Roasted Garlic and potato fileld beetroot ravioli with balsamic rocket, grilled capscium and root vegetable salad
Sanitarium winner: Olivia Moore
Recipe: Moroccan spiced lentil sald with pita bread and poached eggs
Tegel winner: Ollie Creba
Recipe: Sweet Chilli Dorrito coated chicken with sweet & sour sauce, rice and vegetables
Beef + Lamb NZ winner: Toni Butler-Baird
Recipe: Mince and cheese bacon bombs


School winners


Sanitarium winner: Megan Clement
Recipe: Corn fritters with chickpea salad and homemade sweet chilli sauce 
Tegel winners: Gloria Hickey & Yujin Choi
Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Noodles with cabbage    
Beef + Lamb NZ winner: Jessica Goldsack
Recipe: Lamb and vege meatballs with roast veggies on crispy wraps
Eggs winners: Hayden Chittenden & Ethan Corry
Recipe: Spaghetti filled eggy cases