Committee for Healthy Ageing

The Committee for Healthy Ageing is a special interest group of the Foundation initially established in 2004, to champion the cause for improving the quality of life of older New Zealanders, through nutrition and physical activity.

The Committee achieves its goals in a variety of ways:

  • Quarterly bulletin (Available by subscription (free) or on this website.)
  • Seminars for health professionals working with older people
  • Resource development
  • Media and communications

Goals of the Committee for Healthy Ageing

  1. To promote strategies, Government and otherwise, throughout New Zealand, e.g. the Health of Older People Strategy and the Positive Ageing Strategy.
  2. To encourage older consumers to make informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices as part of an active lifestyle.
  3. To increase the awareness and knowledge of health professionals and care givers about the nutrition and physical activity needs of older people.
  4. To promote Positive Ageing by networking and co-operating with groups in all sectors with similar goals and interests.

To achieve our goals, the Committee has two groups of members – a Working Committee and an Advisory group of experts we call on when we have specific projects needing their expertise. The Working Committee meets four to five times a year and represents a diversity of interests relating to older people.

Introducing the Committee

Sally Watson (Chair), Dietitian, Canterbury District Health Board
Julian Jensen, Dietitian, retired, Christchurch
Dr Graham Davison, Geriatrician, retired
Phillippa Batts, Operations Manager, AUT University

Page reviewed May 2017