The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation relies on several sources of income, including donations. Donations assist us in extending our influence, increasing our activities and, ultimately, achieving our mission of informed, healthy and enjoyable food choices for New Zealanders.

How will your donation be used?

You are able to specify where your donation is to be used within the Foundation, by choosing one of the following: 
  • Nutrition education
  • Health promotion for older people (NZNF Committee for Healthy Ageing)
  • Just Cook
  • Staff professional development
  • General support for the work of the Foundation

You can contact us by email if you wish to discuss a donation with us OR send your donation to:

The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation
PO Box 331 366
North Shore City 0740
New Zealand 

or you can choose to click the donate button below and pay by direct credit


Did you know giving is now worth more to you?

New tax laws in New Zealand make it easier for you to donate to the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

The previous claim threshold for cash donations to charitable organisations has been removed. As an individual, you can claim a rebate of one third of all donations made, up to your total income if you are so inclined. To claim a rebate you only need fill out IRD form IR526.

Companies are also entitled to a deduction for all donations to charitable organisations and these are limited only by the company’s net income, calculated before taking the donation into account. This deduction is also extended to unlisted ‘close’ companies, i.e. those with five or fewer shareholders. The tax deduction will be included in the company’s income tax return (IR4)
However, you should be aware, even if you are registered for GST you cannot claim GST input tax for any donations made. GST is claimable on supplies or services purchased as part of your taxable activity, but your donation does not purchase supplies or services.
For more information refer to the Inland Revenue’s website: